How to Use

We have listed records within general categories in groups of greatest, least, highest, lowest, largest, smallest, etc., and within each of these subcategories, alphabetically.  Because users' interests vary,  we have listed most records under more than one category (e.g., the lowest arterial pH is found in Endocrine and Metabolic Diseases, Laboratory - Chemistry, and Respiratory System pages).  In this way, the user can go to a general category page and find items pertaining to that area of interest.
Users can easily access specific categories by going to the Categories page, and clicking on a specific Category of interest.  A separate  INDEX page​ lists each record and links to that general category page.
Each item listed on a CATEGORY page is followed by the current "record,"  and each is followed by a number in brackets (e.g., [1]), identifying its source, specified in the footnotes at the bottom of the page. 

Records will be updated regularly by the editors as they become aware of new potential "records," either those that they personally encounter through reading of the literature or those which are brought to their attention by users of this web site (see below for "How to Submit Your "Record").

How to Submit Your "Record"

Users are invited to submit any possible new records for inclusion in Medical Extremes. These may consist of items not currently listed in Medical Extremes, or may be a new high, low, or other extreme of a record currently listed.  Any subject related to medicine will be considered and welcomed.  Submissions should be sent to  Each item submitted must be accompanied by substantiating documentation with patient identifiers deleted.  Photographs must be such that the identity of the individual cannot be ascertained.


Other Important Information